D for Dalrymple on HuffPost UK: How to Change Your Life

It’s hard to believe that four whole years have passed since I posted for the the very first time on D for Dalrymple. Harder still to believe that today is the first time I’ve ever been published on The Huffington Post.

Seriously. They literally let anyone blog for them and it took me FOUR FRICKIN YEARS to work this out. I only know now because I scored some work experience on the blogs desk under the care of the magnificent and kindly Jody Thompson (follow her, she’s great).

I’m told that my post will go live on the front page of the UK site tomorrow – so get your comment in before the rest of The Internet.

Click here to read How to Change Your Life: A Guide for the Faint of Heart on the HuffPost UK.

And remember – you saw it here first. Big it up for the DfD faithful *peace*

About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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1 Response to D for Dalrymple on HuffPost UK: How to Change Your Life

  1. Charles Kenny says:

    Absolutely brilliant darling! Very proud of you, but remember the Bank of Dad has gone out of business. Cx

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