Sherlock season three: the tension is unbearable



Sherlock minus 10 minutes. Come on team – how do we think he did it?

The mannequin, the squash balls, the laundry van, the cyclist – are they relevant? Will Sherlock explain himself, or will we be fobbed off with an exquisitely arrogant curl of the Cumberlip?

See you on Twitter later. But for now, here’s one of my favourite theories so far: James Ward’s explanation of Sherlock’s escape from certain death

POST-SHOW EDIT (02/01/14)

Verdict: the explanation of Holmes’ death fakery at the end of season two was ultimately satisfactory (although perhaps involving one corpse too many – why did Molly have to sling one out the window?), but Moffat and Gatiss’ knowing treatment of the Internet’s reaction was overegged.

Yes, boys, we know you knew we were excited, but you can’t just fob off our perfectly reasonable questions by having beardy policeman ask them and then go mental.

Roll on next Sunday.

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Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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