D for Dalrymple comes home

This is a weekend of achievement at Dalrymple Towers.

It is Saturday: I woke at nine. I went for a run. I had a bath. I made scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

These were all things on my list which now have a line through them. These things were not done: they were ACHIEVED.

It was when I signed in to achieve the completion of my tax return online that I was struck by the absurdity of someone grown up enough to do a tax return* not having achieved their own domain name.

As a result, imaginary internet money has exchanged hands. As a result you are now, wherever you THOUGHT you were, at dfordalrymple.com.

That’s dfordalrymple.com, team. dfordalrymple. dot. com.

Update your bookmarks. Tell your friends. And please, please, please link to http://dfordalrymple.com – not just so I become a mega-famous celebrity blogger, but also so that sodding Google stops sodding telling people I’m still at that redundant sodding dalrympleblog address for which I have to pay actual money to redirect traffic.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a fridge to clean, a radio slot to write, a major concert venue to book and a Trading Standards application to make.


* Obviously, once I’d signed in to HMRC I found out that I had to, like, enrol, or some ridiculous bureaucratic shit like that. It’ll be another 7 days before I can even begin to find out how incompetent with money I am.

About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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