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Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.

Made In Chelsea: The Next Series

At this point, viewers can press the red button to self-administer a lethal overdose. Continue reading

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Video: Arcade Fire’s ‘We exist’ – does it celebrate gender diversity?

The comments and incredibly close like-to-dislike ratio on this vid on YouTube shows that it definitely splits opinion – and not along the lines you might expect. But I enjoyed it, and I think you might too. Let me know.

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Spiffy new website for Christina D Kenny: journalist and grown-up

Long-time readers of D for Dalrymple will be aware of (and possibly vaguely disappointed by) my recent attempts to forge a new career as a journalist. Nevertheless, this appears to be a thing that is happening. In the interim, it … Continue reading

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Eurovision Final 2014 in Copenhagen – (un)official scorecard – printer-friendly version

There are still four hours to go until the Eurovision 2014 final in Copenhagen – plenty of time to print out your (un)official scorecards! Continue reading

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Eurovision Final 2014 in Copenhagen – (un)official scorecard

Do you value glitter and wind machines over small, inconsequential details like song quality? If so, then this is the score card for you. Formatted for your printing pleasure. Please use irresponsibly. Continue reading

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Interview: Cara and Cathy

An interview with friends of D for Dalrymple, Cara and Cathy – reblogged from the Equal Marriage blog, Alex&Alex. Features bunnies.   Interview: Cara and Cathy.

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How to make beard balm, or, Why D for Dalrymple hasn’t been updated for so long

It’s because I’m fannying about doing ‘work’ like this for my Journalism course. Give me a month. Come June, I’ll be unemployed and back to whingeing about feminism and shopping baskets.

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