Evolution of the amateur choir/orchestra tour as relayed via social media

2000: Photographs taken by geekiest members of ensemble, developed and stuck in album, thereby never being seen by anyone outside most reviled section of group (idea of ‘social’ media fairly ludicrous at this point)

2005: Photographs taken on digital cameras by geekiest members of ensembles, who by this point are the ones most likely to be at Oxbridge and therefore using a strange new platform called Facebook. Photos uploaded and ignored by vast majority of ensemble.

2006: Drunken tour conversations are now punctuated with ‘I’ll friend you on Facebook when we get back’. It in now genuinely easier for new people to learn their fellow musician’s names. Lines between geeky and less geeky becoming blurred.

2010: Photos of everything taken by everyone on the tour and uploaded to Facebook after the event in a zillion different albums showing the same events but from slightly different angles.

2012: Same as 2010, but people realise they can and should untag themselves.

2014: Everyone now has 3G, even in FOREIGN. Post-tour uploads now redundant as people upload the images to social media and tag as they take them. This becomes a real problem for people without 3G who lose the power to censor images of themselves until they get back to their computer.

2015: No-one bothers uploading photos to social media: they’ve already been shared via the tour What’s App group in real time. No-one outside the ensemble notices or cares.

About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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