Listen again: D for Dalrymple on NTS Live

I’m surprised.

Apart from the stertorous breathing, the odd stammer, and some inexplicable emphases – my radio voice isn’t as utterly shit and horrible as I’d expected.

It’s almost like the Kiss My Arts team airbrushed it. Is that… possible? Is it? DID YOU PHOTOSHOP MY VOICE, CARRIE?*

No? Well, it looks like all the coffee and sitting on the overground muttering, ‘CATlin Moran. Dis-en-fran-chisement. An agenda. An agenda. Ananagenda BOLLOCKS’ paid off.

Of course, what my radio voice said wasn’t always ideal.  A couple of “thanks, man”s. “Some of my best friends are cakes.” A decimal system for feminism.

And the Lady Gaga thing really left me open to attack. That was foolish. Luckily Carrie and the gang waited until we were having more coffee afterwards to lay into me – quite rightly – on that score.

Thank god I didn’t slag off Bieber.

Now your curiosity has been piqued – what are you waiting for? My review and Q&A on Caitlin Moran‘s How To Be A Woman comes on around the 45 minute mark, or between the last two big spikes in volume (applause, natch), but listen to the whole show to catch Carrie’s in-depth interview with novelist, screenwriter and actress Abby Tarttelin.

*This feels like the time the time Jane, totally unasked, digitally removed a massive pluke from my chin in a photo she took of me, before posting it to Facebook without asking my permission**.

** All totally fine.

About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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