Cyling in London / Things I wish I’d said pt.2

a) “No, it’s not against the law to cycle without a helmet. It is DEFINITELY against the law to text while driving.”

b) “Hey, I see your car is a left hand drive. Welcome to the UK. In this country, we drive on the left. It’s also traditional to use just one lane at a time.”

c) “Thanks for the (unsolicited) critique of my appearance, but how will me┬áreplacing my glasses with contact lenses help you to be a better driver?”

d) “No, I don’t think I will ‘get a car’, thanks. The last thing this town needs is another prick on the roads.”

Part one here.

About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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  1. mtumcemergingworship says:

    Got your request to visit my Blog. I’m new to this. The blog is a private site for our church to work on our worship service, so I feel like I don’t have permission to give you access. I also feel like its rude of me to refuse you access but I’m sort of caught. My e-mail is if you have questions about our site. Warren

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