D For Dalrymple is no longer initially confused

The astute reader (and frustrated Googler) will observe that I have changed D For Dalrymple’s tagline.

Yes, ‘initially confused’ did contain the word ‘initial’, but, as Kate pointed out,  ‘it doesn’t really mean anything, so…. not good.’

She also gave the following unsolicited yet sterling advice: ‘Why don’t you decide what you actually want to say and then think about the best way to express it, rather than the other way around?’

Kate has rumbled D For Dalrymple’s hitherto secret modus operandi. I seldom know what I want to say until I have said it, and sometimes, not even then.

Obviously I couldn’t be bothered to work through all my complex feelings about this blog and what it represents and where it’s going, so I’ve just pinched a line from a song that I truly, genuinely believe to be ALL ABOUT ME*. (Apart from the going down alleyways with beer-bellied men. That was one time, people).


Well, this roly-poly little bat-faced girl just opened the freezer to insert a half bottle of Cypriot gin and found a pair of tartan trousers in the meat drawer.


About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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1 Response to D For Dalrymple is no longer initially confused

  1. Tina Berry says:

    Gimme more! tx

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