Valentine’s day is over for another year. Thank God.

Bollocks heart (C) Christina Kenny

At last, Valentine’s Day is over. Again.

It’s just so predictable. No sooner is Christmas wrapped up do journalists fast-forward to the next big calendar event. Every year, commuters’ reading matter veers from Santa to romance quicker than you can say ‘January weight loss’.

Before you know it, it’ll be summer and time for dozens of column inches on fake tan. Then back to Christmas and comfort food before St Valentine rocks up again on his tired old steed, regular as clockwork and pointless as Cupid’s figleaf.

Last week the Standard‘s Rosamund Urwin declared war on the ‘showmance’ of V-Day. But does the most pointless festival of the year even merit a war cry? Surely it’s time to ignore it altogether…

Read the rest of my Valentine rantings on the Huffington Post: Valentine’s Day Is Over For Another Year. Thank God

About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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