My crap basket #1

It turns out that doing a full-time journalism degree is not only incompatible with blogging. It is incompatible with life.

Tonight is my first evening off in 11 weeks, yet I am sitting at my computer writing this. It appears that I’m incapable of relaxing unless I have at least two screens glowing and/or buzzing within my field of vision.

In fairness, this isn’t even relaxing. It’s like having a heart attack, but very slowly, over a number of weeks. 

The upshot of my new busy lifestyle is that a whole new section of D for Dalrymple has basically written itself.

Ladies and dad, I give you… MY CRAP BASKET.

My crap basket #1

This section of the blog is for anyone who regularly gets to the checkout, looks down, and thinks: “Woah. My basket is really crap.”

I am a grown-up human who lives alone. I cannot be the only one swearing at supermarket self-checkout machines when they refuse to acknowledge a bulk purchase of laundry detergent and a single brown onion.

Join me, people. Email me your crap baskets. Christina D Kenny at the email beginning with a “g”. Or the Twitter.


About Christina Kenny

Christina Kenny is a music journalist based in London.
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